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I’ve been an educator for over twenty years and have always been an activist and advocate for young people especially those who are most marginalized and historically underrepresented. My entire life as an African American in the United States of America has been afforded celebrations, opportunities, trials and tribulations that give me the fortitude to overcome adversity and always strive for excellence.

In May 2020, during the wake of the world tackling the global pandemic and America’s racial reckoning after the senseless murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless others; I knew that it was my moral responsibility and destiny to spend the rest of my life dismantling systemic racism in education. Education is the key factor to changing the world. Hence, one of the reasons so many people in America are fighting to erase our American history and striving to continue the false narrative regarding our wrongs over the past 400 years.
The question for me was: How do I contribute to changing the narrative for BIPOC children in education across the Nation? I grappled with this question for a couple of years before I realized that my destiny is beyond the superintendency. I’ve spent a decade as a public school superintendent and experienced a lot of success as well as overcame many obstacles especially during the pandemic. My educational experiences throughout my life prepared me to expand my horizon and continue my life’s work all over the Nation collaborating and empowering people to become antiracists in education.

I knew the time was now and there was a sense of urgency to begin my next chapter in life when I found myself having to advocate daily in my birth state of Virginia. Many states across America including the Commonwealth of Virginia are on a mission to dismantle equity, antiracism, and diversity in public schools. Many governors across the nation have issued executive orders and passed bills that will negatively impact the lives of BIPOC children across the United States of America for generations to come. It was time for me to ensure that I did everything within my power to fight against these racist and oppressive actions on behalf of the next generation of BIPOC leaders.
My grandmother would tell me growing up that I can only control my own actions and not the actions of others. This advice continues to resonate with me. Great leadership is determined by how you respond and act while overcoming adversity and experiencing conflict. I knew that my response to the sensational actions and behaviors of the state governments across America was to utilize my experiences and expertise as well as vision, integrity and passion (VIP) to change the narrative for BIPOC children in schools across the country one school system at a time. 


The mission of Revolutionary ED, LLC is to support and empower school systems to achieve true systemic transformational change that has a positive and sustainable impact on the social, emotional, and academic learning of every learner.


The vision of Revolutionary ED, LLC is to completely dismantle systemic racism in education and promote antiracism through cultural responsiveness, diversity, equity, and inclusion within school systems across the world.


The core values of Revolutionary ED, LLC are Vision, Integrity, and Passion (VIP).

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