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Getting into Good Trouble at School:
A Guide to Building an Antiracist School System


This is your guidebook for building an antiracist school or school system. Written by two education leaders with very different life experiences, Getting into Good Trouble At School provides the context, empowerment, and concrete actions needed to dismantle racist policies and practices that for centuries have kept students of color from experiencing educational engagement, opportunities and success as their white counterparts.

The journeys of Gregory Hutchings and Douglas Reed – which include systemic racism and white privilege - provide a unique model superintendents, principals, school board members and other educators can use to transform educational equity, actively dismantle institutional racism, and implement strategic, methodical policies that benefit the entire school community.

  • A detailed case study of antiracist educational transformation

  • What it really means to commit to racial equity

  • Guidance for dismantling tracking and in-school segregation

  • Positive, equitable alternatives to typical disciplinary practices

  • Six steps to building an antiracist school system

In this book you’ll find:

Racism isn’t always intentional. Antiracism, on the other hand, must be. Now antiracist education leaders around the world can put their intentions into action—and grant the promise of an equitable and culturally rich education to all students.

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