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Simma Reingold

Consulting Partner

Simma supports leaders to creatively explore ways to close opportunity and achievement gaps, expanding equitable access to high-quality learning experiences for all students. Over the last ten years, she has facilitated in-depth strategic planning engagements with Superintendents to radically redesign policies, practices and organizational structures so that the vision for the future can become a reality, today. She deeply understands the unique challenges present and opportunities available for systems based on their location, population density, system size, political influence and local economic environment.


Simma has managed over 30 projects for K-12 Education Agencies across sixteen states, impacting over two million students across the US. She specializes in community centered design, leveraging student and educator feedback to guide district-level decision making while uncovering new and unique ways to solve persistent challenges. Highlights of the past few years include assisting district leadership teams to implement research-based tutoring programs, procure standards-aligned core curriculum, build digital ecosystems to seamlessly integrate student data, and develop student-centered learning models to guide learning and teaching transformation.


Simma is the founder of Simma On The Go, providing custom strategy projects for education organizations. In the past, Simma has co-founded a successful K-12 Consultancy, was a Managing Partner at Education Elements and a Director at Gartner, Inc. She has shared her expertise as a technical advisor to the Gates Foundation, presenter at iNACOL and Learning Forward Conferences, as well as being a contributor to a variety of education publications. She started her career supporting large scale software implementations, gaining critical expertise in project management and user-centered design.

Simma Reingold
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